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Seller Advisory Services


When you decide to sell, we can save you time, money, and increase the final price received. We can help you make selling your business the most profitable experience of your life.


We assist business owners during every phase of the transaction from initial preparation all the way through closing.  While we do this, you continue running your business as usual, making sure it doesn’t miss a step.


Thinking about selling by yourself?  Think again!  The following are just some of the common difficulties owners face when selling on their own:

  • Valuing the business

  • Marketing

  • Preparing Documents

  • Deal Structuring

  • Negotiating

  • Maintaining Confidentiality

  • Remaining Objective

  • Running their business and selling their business





You only get to sell your business once.  There is no next time, and learning from your mistakes can be costly. To succeed in selling a business, you need expert advice at all phases of the deal process.






Show me the money !

Nothing speaks louder than results. Our proprietary process and years of experience translates into more money for our clients. Our clients’ receive a premium when selling.




















Example of sites we advertise on:



Working as your partner, we provide expert advice at every phase of the deal process:

Phase I


  • Initial client data request

  • Analyze company

  • Recast financials

  • Determine value

  • Develop Information Memorandum

  • Learn more...

Phase II


  • Initiate buyer search

  • Advertise business for sale

  • Screen Buyers

  • Sign Confidentiality Agreements

  • Distribute Information Memorandums

  • Answer questions

  • Schedule site visits

  • Learn more...

Phase III

Deal Structuring & Closing

  • Obtain Buyer LOI

  • Negotiate terms

  • Schedule due diligence

  • Negotiate Purchase Agreement
  • Resolve open issues
  • Finalize documents
  • Close
  • Learn more...

We don’t just list companies for sale, we prepare them .


Our process starts by conducting a 360 degree analysis of your company, examining the financial, operational, personnel, marketing, industry, and market factors that steer your business. finnelDoing this enables us not only to determine a valuation and recommend a pricing strategy, but also to identify the key value drivers that justify the premium price you seek.


Using this information, we develop an Information Memorandum.  This 25+ page document tells the story of your company, going far beyond the financials.  Based on our extensive experience completing hundreds of transactions, we create a portrait of your business that answers buyers key questions before they get a chance to ask them.



We develop an individual marketing plan for each client that includes multiple marketing channels and advertising on over 20+ websites.  Better exposure means better pricing.


marketing circlesWe market your business through numerous channels, from local and national publications to industry trade associations and networking groups.    In addition to our own buyer database, our strong relationships with lending institutions, corporate M&A executives, and private equity groups help us identify a wide range of qualified buyers.


And while we seek exposure to as many qualified buyers as possible, rest assured that your confidentiality is our utmost concern, and no buyer will learn your identity unless they have signed a confidentiality agreement and proven their ability to meet your asking price.



Deal Structuring & Closing

dealWe work with you to evaluate offers and determine the deal structure that is most aligned with your goals.  We know that the deal is not done just because a buyer has been identified. We continue working with you to make sure the deal closes quickly and with minimal complications.  We will help you negotiate the key terms in the Letter of Intent, manage the due diligence process, and resolve all outstanding issues that arise prior to closing . Since we work on a contingent fee basis, we only get paid if you do, so our interests are aligned with yours every step of the way.  We get deals closed!