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Buyer Advisory Services


Whether you're an individual looking to acquire your first business or a company looking to grow through acquisitions, you need Bridge. Our services are designed for people who want proven, executive level professionals that get results. We can help you shatter the learning curve typically associated with making acquisitions.



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What clients have to say:


"Your insights both on the due diligence and sales structure aspects of the transaction assisted us immeasurably in closing the deal."



"...just prior to closing, the deal almost did not occur; however, your professionalism and adept negotiation skills added much needed calm to the process and enabled both parties to move forward quickly..."



“We would like to express our sincere thanks for all your efforts relative to our acquisition. Your insights both on due diligence and sales structure aspects of the transaction assisted us immeasurably in closing the deal.” 



No matter your size or situation, we can provide the services  you need.
Individuals Private Equity & Growth Companies
  • Develop acquisition criteria specific to your circumstances
  • Assist in getting you “pre-qualified” for an SBA loan
  • Identify and screen potential target companies
  • Provide initial target contact and data gathering
  • Review the businesses with you (operations, financial, sales & marketing, etc.) to help understand their true value
  • Assist in site visit preparation and due diligence
  • Coordinate negotiations & provide deal structuring advice
  • Provide overall “deal management” 
  • Increased proprietary deal flow
  • Initial target contact & screening
  • Data coordination
  • Summary company evaluations
  • Negotiation assistance
  • Financial & legal professionals on staff
  • No learning curve
  • Less expensive than full time staff
  • Success fee and retained search programs

individualWe approach every transaction with the understanding that each company, and every individual involved, is unique and therefore requires flexibility and creativity rather than a “one size fits all” approach.


Whether you are at the early stages of searching for a company to buy, or you have already identified one company and just need help with the financial analysis, we bring the tools and experience to help you get the deal done.  We will help you understand the company’s value so you can structure your offer appropriately, and guide you through due diligence to ensure you examine every aspect of the business.  Our “template” due diligence checklist has over 200 items; how many does yours have?


Private Equity & Growth Companies

Our professionals cut their teeth working for and managing the M&A departments for public and private equity-sponsored companies.  Partnering with us means access to off-market opportunities, eliminating the threat of competitive bids, and having seasoned professionals on your side of the table.  Whether you need help with one deal or an entire acquisition program, we are less expensive and more productive than bringing on full-time staff. 


peIf you need to increase deal flow, supplement your current acquisition team, or are looking to start an acquisition program, we offer professionals with proven results. Talk to us today about structuring a proposal that meets your needs.