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The Bridge Advantage


Bridge Ventures brings years of successful transaction experience to the owners of private companies. We have the type of experience that can only be gained by completing hundreds of win-win transactions. If you are thinking about buying or selling a business, you need the Bridge Advantage on your side of the table.


The Bridge Advantage:

  • Real Insight

  • Real Experience

  • Real Value Creation

  • Real Personal Attention

Real Insight

Our management team has direct experience completing transactions for some of the most aggressive buyers in a variety of consolidating industries. We’ve worked with public companies, private equity groups, privately owned companies, and individuals. We have been both a buyer and a seller. We know how the other side thinks and what they look for.


Real Transactional Experience

The management team at Bridge has been involved in over $350 million dollars of transactions across a variety of industries. Our experts have the type of experience that can only be gained by completing over 250 successful transactions. Bridge is ready to put our experts on your side of the table.


Real Value Creation

It’s not just about what the seller wants but also about what the buyer wants. By understanding the needs of both buyers and sellers, we assist in structuring transactions that are mutually beneficial to both sides. We understand how to create and maximize value at every step in the process: preparation, presentation, negotiations, due diligence, closing, and integration.


Real Personal Attention

Since every business is unique, our services are custom tailored to each company and individual owner. We take the time to understand your business and develop a strategy to obtain maximum value for you - unless you're a bakery, don’t settle for a cookie cutter approach.  


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