Business Sellability Index


How long has your company been in business (including previous ownership)?

How much annual sales revenue does your business generate?

What has been your average annual growth rate over the last two years?

How would you describe your company’s tax planning strategy?

Do you have systems in place to easily manage accounting, run reports, and track your business?

What best describes your current marketing efforts?

Business legal history

Ownership structure and transfer restrictions

My largest customer represents

What best describes your contractual relationship with your customers?

Which of the following best describes the exclusivity of your business to your customers?

How much longer do you plan to own your business?

If you decided to take a vacation that started tomorrow, how long could your employees run the business without it suffering (i.e. sales decline)?

What percentage of your company’s total sales do you generate?

Think back to your first couple years as owner. How does your enthusiasm and passion for the business today compare to what it was back then?

If you sold your business, would you be willing to help the new owner with a transition? If yes, for how long?

Do you know what your business is worth? If so, how?

Have your key employees (i.e. managers, sales people, healthcare providers, etc) signed non-competition agreements?

Do you have a desk manual or operating manual for each position in your company?

Do you conduct annual reviews with your employees?

Are your employees W-2 or 1099?

Are any of your key employees relatives?

What is your industry growth rate over the last two years?

How would you describe the current acquisition activity in your industry?

How would you describe the population of your geographic market?

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